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Our unique approach to physical therapy will help you get back on your feet.

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A Better Approach to Physical Therapy

get you moving better and feeling your best

Our team of physical therapists use evidence based practice to build you a personalized therapy and training plan to help you achieve long-term results more quickly.

Our plan for you includes…

Personalized Treatment

We provide you with a personalized treatment plan to achieve results quickly and give you the tools to manage your pain or limitations. After your time with us, you will always have an expert team that’s available to support you.

Integrated passionate Care

You deserve to be heard every step of the way and we make sure that happens. Your needs and goals are our priority.

evidence based practice

We continuously strive to improve how we serve you, ensuring our physical therapists know the latest evidence based research and methods to provide you with the best care possible.

Building a Foundation of Good Health

Whether you need help eliminating ongoing pain, improving your day-to-day movement, or recovering after surgery, we want to help you achieve your physical goals for good.

Manual Therapy

We address neck, lower back, and other types of pain with manual physical therapy, used to alleviate your symptoms and improve range-of-motion and flexibility.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain comes in many variations, and our team helps patients address the cause of your pain and then come up with an effective treatment plan that you won’t get anywhere else.

Orthopedic & Sports

If you’re experiencing orthopedic or sports-related pain or injuries, our team will help you by assessing, treating, and improving your condition.

pilates for rehabilitation

Taking your unique pain into consideration, Pyramid PT focuses on mindful attention to proper body positioning and movement that carries over into everyday living and enhancing the quality of life.

How We Help

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We Take Insurance

Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Medicare Part B, Tricare, and United Healthcare.

Get your specific treatment plan:

You’ll get an actual plan that is going to start treating your pain quickly.

Start your path to wellness

We look forward to offering our services to best meet your needs; so you can get better! 

client testimonials

We treat our patients like family, and here’s what some members of Pyramid’s family are saying:

I absolutely have Gotten the greatest care at Pyramid Plaza Physical Therapy. I have been going for some time do to a back injury and they have been so amazing and caring. They have have been so great for support to get through this and meeting my needs emotionally and therapy wise.The staff is so very caring and so personable.

Kitty Lantry

The wonderful staff at Pyramid Plaza PT keep me moving! Their physical therapy sessions have really helped with my back pain! I started taking Pilates classes there recently and that has helped even more too! Their staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and their clinic is extremely clean! I would recommend them to anyone!

Amber Clowney

I didn’t know what to expect, being my first time with PT. The facility was clean, equipment modern and in very good condition and the staff were over-the-top Amazing! Everyone there, both patients and therapists were all having fun, laughing and joking. I’m 100% pain free after completing my therapy regimen. An incredible experience that I would recommend to everyone.

Ed Marvel

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Our Team

At Pyramid Physical Therapy & Pilates we strive to be a positive force in the lives of others.

Cynthia Mendez


Jenna Spears

Office Manager

Bethany Roberts


Fiorela Montemayor


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